Vocational Training

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Vocational Training in Jordanien

Jordan has a great need for well-trained specialists. In the construction industry alone, there are almost 24 000 jobs occupied by unskilled workers. Technical innovations reach the training centers slowly. Therefore, the growing Jordanian economy needs qualified teachers to create a long-term improvement in vocational quality.

Vocational Qualification of the Ukrainian Construction Industry

The Ukraine faces the challenge of bringing about fundamental social, economic as well as political and cultural changes. The project "Vocational Education and Training for the Ukrainian Construction Industry" aims at assisting the Ukraine in its endeavor to overcome the crisis peacefully and turn the change into a socially balanced and economically modern system. In order to achieve this goal, the young people in particular must be given better prospects for their future.

Prospects for Refugees

Many refugees have been condemned to endless waiting since their arrival in Germany, be it the long-awaited residence permit or a place on a language course. Together with the Berufsförderungswerk Brandenburg (BfW), GPP e.V. would like to offer these people the opportunity to use this time to prepare themselves for their professional life in Germany according to their interests and qualifications.

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1000 Skilled Workers for a New Egypt

Creating future prospects for people in times of difficult transitions and improve the sustainability of Egypt's economy at the same time - these are the core ideas of a comprehensive  transformation project that GPP conducted from 2012 on on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office. The focus of the project is on qualification measures of young workers to be fit for their profession and training of skilled workers from four core secotrs of Egyptian economic life.

Creating Opportunities - Building the Future

Together with the tourism sector, the construction sector is one of the most important business branches in Egypt. Both sectors offer a large number of jobs, particulary in the infrastructurally underprivilaged south -e.g in Luxor. But especially in these rural regions the need for skilled workers is significant. A new training center was much needed.






Vocational training for the construction industry in Ukraine

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