Renewable Energies

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Modernising the Ukrainian Waste Industry

Every Year up to 312 million tons of waste are generated in the Ukraine. They are being stored on badly secured landfills or unauthorised dumps that do not comply with modern demands and safety standards. The reallocation of responsibilities that comes along with the decentralisation reforms, provides an opportunity for the modernisation of the waste industry.

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Sustainability for Jordan

Electricity is an interesting topic in Jordan: The resource poor country depends on energy imports by 96% and generates its electricity mainly from fossil energy vectors, despite the country's extraordinary potential to cover its energy need exclusively from renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind power.

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Energy Manager

For many European countries saving energy and water in order to protect the environment is now high on the agenda of companies. In Egypt, a country with daily power cuts and water scarcity, awareness for a more efficient and environmental-friendly use of resources has to be yet raised and competences have yet to be developed.

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