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Tunisia is undergoing a significant transformation. After the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, in 2011, not only did the political system change, but also the society and economic structures. These reform processes need scientific expert assessment. The Tunisian Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) is one of the few think tanks in the region, which deals with policy analysis and recommendations for reform. It is a crucial forum for an economically emerging region.

Young Egyptian Economic Leaders

When Egyptians took to the streets protesting, an important demand they made was the improvement of the economic situation. The fight against poverty and social inequality is a necessary step towards creating political stability. In order to restore the Egyptian economy, the country urgently needs economic reforms and innovations. The younger generation plays a key role in this. Although it was the driving force of the revolution, the economic impact is still missing. With the project YEEL - Young Egyptian Economic Leaders, young Egyptians get the opportunity to shape changes that have a lasting influence.

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TAWASUL- German-Egyptian Dialogue for the Future

Egypt is a country undergoing profound changes.
It faces the challenge of bringing about fundamental social, economic as well as political and cultural changes. The commenced transformation process towards a democratic system is a long process which is marked by many obstacles. The country, however, has great potential to reposition itself and mobilize its resources in the right direction.

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