Digital Arabia Network


Digital Arabia Network

supports digital transformation in the MENA region

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Project Duration:

2017 - ongoing

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Digital change raises many questions and offers new opportunities that affect all spheres of society: education, culture, politics, the media, the economy and gender equality. Inspired by formats such as re:publica, GPP launched the Digital Arabia Network (DAN) in 2017. DAN wants to give more impetus to digital transformation, contribute to the networking of digital actors in the Arab world and offer actors in Arab countries space to prepare for the fundamental changes and the potential of digitisation in all different spheres. DAN presents digitization in a new context in the MENA region. With their projects, Arab actors of digitization open up experimental spaces for new concepts and ideas that work on different levels. DAN pursues a holistic concept and covers a variety of topics: democratic participation, work of the future, data protection, digital art, fake news, open data, open source, civic participation, women in STEM, financial and social inclusion through tech, transparency and anti-corruption (open government).

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