Strengthening Civil Society in Kef and Tataouine - Tunisia

Strengthening Civil Society in Kef and Tataouine - Tunisia

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The Tunisians’ great hope that the democratization of the country after the “upheavals” against autocratic rule will lead to a stable economic situation and more political participation has not yet been fulfilled. In a country like Tunisia, where political participation has been non-existent or dangerous for decades, this is no easy task. Mistrust of the elite and the state prevails everywhere. In order to close this trust gap and strengthen the participation of Tunisians in the affairs of their region, a strong civil society is needed that enjoys the trust of the people and can build bridges between the citizens and their political representatives.

To this end organized GPP together with the project partners various workshops, training sessions, and events to empower various segments of the local population to participate more strongly in the political process: Workshops to promote the political participation of women, training for local media makers and influencers, a graffiti workshop, and a festival for the integration of young people, as well as measures to professionalize local civil society institutions. Training was also provided for local administrations and decision-makers to help them better respond to the concerns and needs of people in their regions. In all project activities, the exchange between the local population and their political representatives was promoted through meetings between the participants and the local council.