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Women in Business

The Future of Entrepreneurship

Although women often have comparatively better educational qualifications, they are much less likely to be found in management positions, on supervisory boards, and as founders.

The presence and equal opportunities of women and men in the business world depend not only on an equal level of education but also strongly on the extent to which traditional role models are broken up, the compatibility of work and family is promoted by law, and women are proactively made aware of their career opportunities.

Women's business associations are an important key actor and partner for us in dealing with this topic: from networking and capacity building to establishing B2B contacts. We are increasingly addressing the topic of "Women in Business" in our partner countries Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. GPP has a long-standing partnership with the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU), which enables targeted institutional cooperation with local women entrepreneurs' associations.

The Women in Business (WiB) network launched in 2019 in the MENA region is intended to make women's success stories in business visible, facilitate mutual exchange and highlight the diversity of opportunities that young women have in the world of work.