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2015 - ongoing

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We believe that education and career opportunities in MINT must be inclusive. This also means overcoming the often preconsolidated way of thinking about gender-specific occupational distribution in societies and encouraging and inspiring young women to take up technical occupations at an early age and in a targeted manner. In the MENA region, we are implementing various initiatives and formats with our local partners to this end:

In Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, the "She Made IT" road show was held in 2017 and 2018. The aim is to support young female university graduates in their later career opportunities as managers, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in the MINT sectors. In addition, the prospective employees are to be motivated by strong female role models: female entrepreneurs and self-employed persons from the IT sector presented their success stories in the format of a TEDX talk. She made IT was inspired by Girls got IT, a concept of our Lebanese partner association LLWB, which was implemented under the umbrella programme of UNICEF.

2019 was also the third year that Girls Day was held in Lebanon. Based on the German model, schoolgirls will have the opportunity on this day to visit companies from the MINT sector and try out technical professions in interactive workshops.